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Consider Selling Puppy Time-Shares

I was going through my usual after work blogging activities and came upon the funniest blog post about getting a new puppy. Anyone that has ever had a puppy would know exactly how this family is feeling just weeks after welcoming their first puppy into their home. You go through lack of sleep, the … [Read more...]

Disney’s Dog with a Blog to Air This Fall

Several months ago we told you about The Disney Channel's up and coming dog show Dog with a Blog but weren't exactly sure when it would air. It is not confirmed it will be a part of their Fall Line Up. It has also been confirmed that the star of the show is a rescue dog. The live-action, … [Read more...]

Camp Wags and Route 249 5K Fanbration

Welcome to the 5K Fanbration for Camp Wags and Route 249! ONE Winner takes both prizes! Camp Wags is sponsoring some fun toys for your pups. 2 ChuckIt glow in the dark tennis balls and ChuckIt Pocket Ball Launcher! Route 249 is sponsoring $25 Amazon Gift Card! Special thanks to … [Read more...]

Twitter Helps Get Another Missing Dog Home

Hall of Fame third baseman George Brett took to Twitter late Tuesday night to find his beloved dog Charlie, who went missing during a storm that rolled through the Kansas City area. Brett sent out a tweet shortly before midnight last night that read: “Please help: My dog has gone missing. … [Read more...]

City Officials Up in Arms Over Community Dog

Blue the dog doesn't have a home. Its not that he hasn't been offered homes throughout his life or that no one wants him he just does not like living in a home with a single family he prefers to belong to the entire community. Every time he has been given a home he eventually makes his way back to … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday

Happy Wordless Wednesday … [Read more...]

$3,500 Rewards Offered in Case of Dog Skinned Alive

Early the morning of May 25th a woman in Alabama was desperately looking for her 1 year old pug after her husband went to work calling over her son in law to help in the search efforts. What they found can only be described by the emergency Veterinarian Dr. Rhonda Ellison who saw the dog as a … [Read more...]

Handmade Pet Products: Sweet Keeps

I am a proud Texas girl and like to believe I am a little different than the rest. I love God- who is my everything, my hubby- who treats me like a princess, sports- especially baseball and football, cars- mostly American Muscles, animals- my puppy is my world, and working out- I love the intense … [Read more...]

Cooking for Dogs Grilled Sweet Potato

Here in Vancouver, BBQ season is upon us. I love this time of year. As much as enjoy cooking in the kitchen, there’s just something about getting outside and enjoying a meal on the deck that makes me happy to the very core. My dogs love it too. We have a lot of company in the summer. I know my … [Read more...]

Postal Puppy Sweepstakes

Postal Puppy is the creation of Jessica Chapman and Jennifer Grathwohl, also creators of Is your dog difficult to please? Wants to play with new toys on a regular basis? Treats that were a favorite today will be turned down next week? Then Postal Puppy is the solution. Have … [Read more...]

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