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Doggy Mom Travel Giveaway

Everyone loves their mom and always wants to find the best gift to make her feel loved and appreciated. These are the gifts I have found and would love to share with you. After you enter my giveaway head over to Makobi Scribe to see her mothers day gift ideas worth over $3000. Then stop by Sason & … [Read more...]

Nose to Nose BlogPaws Awards

BlogPaws “Nose-to-Nose” Social Media Pet Blogging Awards, 2012! Nominations are open now! - and close May 6th at 11:59pm MT. Bloggers may nominate themselves or another pet blogger or microblogger in the following categories: Best Blog Design: judged on overall design elements of the blog … [Read more...]

Dogs to Sniff Out Pythons in Everglades

Some of the dogs trained by Canine Detection Research Institute as Bomb-sniffing dogs are now being retrained to take on a new and growing threat to Florida's Ecosystem the Burmese pythons in Florida's Everglades National Park. Python's have been a growing problem for almost 10 years. The size and … [Read more...]

Atlanta Humane Society Under Major Investigation

The Atlanta Humane Society is one of the oldest animal rescue groups in the US. You would think that with all of the time, money, and energy that they have put into rescue that they would know what proper procedure and policy is. Apparently not. Anyone running a shelter or rescue will tell you that … [Read more...]

Skunks Not Good Playmates For Dogs

Skunks do not make good playmates for dogs. Aside from the obvious fact that the skunk will spray your dog and not think twice about it. Skunks can carry rabies which can be deadly especially if the dogs are not up to date with their vaccinations. Be cautious if you see a skunk pull your dogs away … [Read more...]

Cooking for Dogs Zucchini Pasta with Red Pepper Sauce

I love good food. I’m a bit of a foodie, so anything there is good food, I’m a happy camper. If that good food is actually good for me, that is pretty darn awesome and if that food also happens to be dog friendly, well that is just a huge bonus. Finding foods that work on all three levels and can … [Read more...]

Win a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer to Make Dog Treats

WELCOME TO THE KITCHEN AID MANIA GIVEAWAY!We are giving away a white KitchenAid KSM150PSWH Artisan Series 5-Quart Mixer to one lucky reader! This is a perfect Mother's Day gift to every one who loves baking or simply just being in the kitchen! This was made possible by Bay Area Mommy, … [Read more...]

Spider Man Dog / Pet Bloggers Blog Hop

World's Greatest Super Hero or the family dog? You decide. Welcome to the new and improved Pet Bloggers Blog Hop Hop! This is is a weekly event to help you connect with other . Whether you are a seasoned blogger, one who loves reading pet blogs, or if you’re just thinking about … [Read more...]

RSPCA Only Takes in Puppy Because It Will Be Media Star

    As a dog blogger with countless readers in the UK I am routinely told by our readers that the RSPCA will not take in dogs that are found on the street unless they are going to attract the attention of the world wide media and therefore mean more money in donations. Just a few … [Read more...]

Is this Dog the Next Picasso?

Arbor the dog from Nevada specializes in abstracts works of art. While Arbor is probably not the next Picasso his talents could probably help to raise a lot of money for dog rescue. video platform video management video solutions video player Have … [Read more...]

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