Kittens Found in Food Bag By Dog Are Doing Well


Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary’s newest residents, Skipper and Tipper, were sealed in a Meow Mix bag and left to die until a dog and his owner discovered them. The dog discovered the bag, carried it home and would not stop whining until his owner opened the bag. The dog’s owner could hear Tipper and Skipper’s faint cries from inside the bag, but she was not prepared for what she found once she opened it.

Since the kittens were so weak, they were fed with a bottle every two hours. Blakely fostered Skipper and Tipper, who were traumatized by the experience. She was not sure they would make it. Three months later, Skipper and Tipper are healthier and it’s all thanks to a loving dog and the kindness of a few animal lovers.

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