Man’s Dog Taken and Adopted Out Without His Permission

Jim Patock's Facebook profile picture shows his two former dogs. The one on the left died a couple of years ago -- Lobo, the one taken by the U.S. Park Police, is on the right.


Jim Patock last saw Lobo, his 10-year-old German Shepherd, when the United States Park Police were searching his trailer at the National Mall in Washington D.C. The police mistakenly believed his trailer was a giant bomb and searched it, finding three guns. Patock was jailed for 45 days. At the time of his arrest the trailer was Patock’s legal residence as he was traveling round the country with his dog taking in the sites. These days he stays close to Washington, DC to try and be as close to where Lobo might be as possible. He splits his time between a motel and sleeping in the trailor.

Patock says that when he was arrested and his dog taken away from him a D.C. law  that regulates the handling of animals for jailed suspects was violated by the Park Police. After his release from jail, Patock says he learned that the Park Police transferred Lobo to the D.C. Department of Health. An assistant U.S. Attorney in D.C., Lara Worm, told him the health department had given Lobo to Virginia German Shepherd Rescue, Inc., and showed him an Internet listing for the animal.

Since then, he’s been unable to get help from anyone, including the rescue organization who claim that Patock signed the dog over because he could not care for it anymore as they were homeless an living in a car.  He’s had the dog since it was eight weeks old, and it has an embedded microchip that says he is the owner or at least did when the Park Police took the dog and illegally brought it to a Rescue Organization to adopt out.


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