You’re Invited to a Regressive Dinner for Pets!


I thought it would be fun to do something a little different for our pets now that the Holiday Season is here and decided the most fun way to do it would be with a regressive dinner. Our dinner will not actually take place all in one night but will go through the Holiday Season. We will be starting with Treats and Dessert on Halloween. Doing our main course for Thanksgiving. Enjoying soup, salad, sides for Christmas. And to top off the festivities cocktails and appetizers for New Years Eve! You can choose to join in one night, some nights, or the entire event and be sure to encourage your friends to participate. The more participants the more fun this Regressive Dinner will be.

How it is going to work is that you post a recipe with pictures and we all go around to check out what everyone came up with. The recipes can be just for our pets or it can be something that we can share with our pets. You are welcome to join us no matter what kind of pet you have. You can even join us if you don’t have a blog you can post your recipe and picture on Facebook and as long as you have the picture or note you post it in set to public everyone can stop by to check out what you came up with.

This should be a fun event to bring the Online Pet Community together. No one cares about your culinary skills or lack thereof or even if you have never cooked for your pet before and this it your first adventure into the unknown. We love pictures of your pet and love to learn about new foods our pet might like to try. For those a little apprehensive there are so many great recipes online that you can use just let us know where you found it. The rules are simple post your contribution by 12:01am Eastern time the day of that part of the meal be sure to include pictures of the finished item as well as pictures of your pets enjoying the special treat. You will also have to include an HTML code so that everyone can find the contributions of the other participants. Food Bloggers, Photography Bloggers, Mommy Bloggers, ok everyone is welcome to participate even if you don’t celebrate all of these Holidays. Join us for the fun.


The posting schedule will be
Halloween – Treats and Dessert – Sunday October 30th
Thanksgiving – Main Course – Tuesday November 22nd
Christmas – Soup, Salad, and Sides – Thursday December 22nd
New Years Eve – Cocktails and Appetizers – Thursday December 29th

Sample Post feel free to include pictures of your pet enjoying it as well (Recipe and picture from A better Pets Central):

Yield: 20 servings

2 c Cheerios

2 c Spoon size shredded wheat

2 c Crispix

1/2 c Melted butter/margarine

2 tb Dry gravy mix

1/2 c Kraft grated American cheese powder

1/2 c Bacon bits

1 c Dog jerky/pupperoni/sausages

Preheat oven to 250. Pour melted butter into 13 x 9 baking pan. Stir in cheese powder, bacon bits and gravy mix. Add cereals and stir well until all pieces are coated. Heat in oven for 45 min. Meanwhile cut doggie meat treats into 1/2 inch pieces. Remove cereal from oven, add doggie treats. Store in airtight containers. May be frozen and keeps well.


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To participate please fill out the sign up form



* Remember if you are converting a human recipe for contribution to the Regressive Dinner to substitute carob for chocolate and that honey and molasses make great substitutes for sugar. Any small amounts of garlic or onion should be cooked very well  as the raw form can cause anemia in pets. There are other ingredients that dogs, cats, and other pets cannot eat.

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  1. Kolchak and Jodi says

    We LOVE this! We will ABSOLUTELY! take part. How exciting!

    It fits in PERFECTLY with our Tasty Tuesday Blog Hop and I know some of our hoppers will be excited to participate! My I add this post to this week’s Tasty Tuesday inLinkz list so our hoppers know about it?

    • Sure you are welcome to add the link to the hop or I can try to remember to drop by next Tuesday to add the link. We just started a cooking section on Sunday’s so we will totally have to link up our posts each week.

  2. great idea but do we actually have to have our pets eating whatever we post? (my boys have a lazy mama lol)

    • No you don’t have to show they eating it. It could be something you would like to someday make for them if you had time, cooking skills, a non picky eater whatever the case may be.

  3. Hi there! Stopping by from theblog hop! I’d love for you to come check out my page at



  4. I am horrible at cooking so I don’t know if I can participate but I will definitely read all of the recipes and try to make some of them for my doggies! Neat idea. By the way, I passed on The Versatile Blogger Award to you, if you want it. =)

  5. What a wonderful idea! I am going to have to give some thought to this!

  6. Love it! Shared on Facebook & posted your link on our blog. Just finished sending in our registration form! Fun times! And love the featured recipe. Thanks for hosting this!!!

    • So glad to hear you like the idea. I think everyone is going to have a lot of fun with this.


  7. I’ve never heard of a regressive dinner. Neat idea.

    • Regressive Dinners are fun because they start with the best course. Dessert! The way they usually work is that different families sign up for each course and you go from house to house.

  8. Love this idea!

  9. Julie Flanders says

    What a great idea! Sounds like a lot of fun. I was already looking forward to the holiday season and this just adds to that feeling. 🙂

  10. Hey, I just hopped over from the blog hop at the chickenista reviews

    I am your newest GFC follower:)

    I would love it if you could stop by and follow back and check out my blog (and giveaways) sometime!

    Hope your having a great weekend!

    Sarah Kay

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