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Virgin American Airlines Introduces No Chihuahua Left Behind Fare Sale

  To mark its expansion to its third Mexican destination and to celebrate Puerto Vallarta's roots as an animal sanctuary, today the carrier launches a "No Chihuahua Left Behind" fare sale in support of its ongoing Chihuahua rescue and airlift efforts. ¬†As the only San Francisco-based … [Read more...]

Research Sheds Light on Dog Human Partnership

  The relationship between people and dogs is unique among all other animals on the planet. Only dogs are capable of being not only companions for us but can do work such as herding sheep, sniffing out drugs, finding missing people, helping those who are disabled to become more independent, … [Read more...]

Cavalier Stolen From Family Business Returned Safely

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Alfie was taken by a pair of thieves from his families business. Despite the efforts the Parsons to find find their puppy it was only after their story hit the headlines that Alfie's new owners got in touch. The puppy was returned by a couple who bought him just hours … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday BlogPaws Part 1

[Read more...]

Blind Woman Led by Seeing Eye Dog Throws First Pitch at Baseball Game

Shortly after 7 p.m. on Monday night at Dodger Stadium, Lorri Bernson threw out the first pitch prior to the Dodgers-San Diego Padres game. Like dozens of other first-pitch honorees before her this season, Bernson was accompanied by family and friends. Only Bernson was joined by her dog who happens … [Read more...]

Meet the Irish Water Spaniel

I was looking through the list of top ten breeds in Ireland and something struck me. Most of the dogs on the list just do not even appear on the top ten from other countries so I though I would use the list as a way to introduce you to some breeds you might never have heard of before. The Irish … [Read more...]

Search and Rescue Dogs Deployed by FEMA after Hurricane Irene

Dogs Juno, Pepper, Rushton and Cruise have trained nearly their whole lives to become members of an elite few in this country who are certified by FEMA to be a part of their regional task force. For this Task Force their first official assignment is to find survivors of Hurricane Irene along the … [Read more...]

Austin Texas Animal Shelter Looses A/C in 112 Degree Heat

Staff, volunteers and members of the community are pitching in, taking extreme measures to protect the dogs and cats at the Austin Humane Society from the relentless heat which was made even worse when a city transformer blew out around 4 a.m and burned out the building's A/C motors, leaving dogs … [Read more...]

Would Your Dog Like to Participate in Search and Rescue

Have you ever considered working with your dog as a part of your local police as a volunteer Search and Rescue Team? Dorset Search Dogs in the UK would like to invite you to take part in a unique six-week course that will guide a you and your dog through the basic skills required to become a … [Read more...]

Cheney’s Dog Was Banned from Camp David

Former vice president Cheney has revealed in his new memoir that his Labrador Dave was banned from Camp David after it ran after the Bush's dog Barney and caused a commotion in the middle of a brunch for the wives of several dignitaries. The then vice-president was able to calm Dave down by … [Read more...]

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