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Animals Hit the Streets in Brazilian Pet Parade

In the weeks leading up to Carnival in Brazil a tradition has emerged that pets help usher in the festivities by participating in a Pet Parade where animals are dressed up and their owners party in the streets. Organizers of the parade decided the parade should start earlier in the day this year in … [Read more...]

Bristle Bone Review and Giveaway (US Only)

We were sent a Bristle Bone by Drs. Foster and Smith as part of February's Dental Health Awareness Month. Since the month is winding down we wanted to share the dental health and fun treat / toy with all of you. Dental health for you pet should be a year round effort not just something you remember … [Read more...]

Dog Picked Up by Animal Control and Killed Within Hours

A dog who had gotten loose from his yard was picked up by animal control and taken to the shelter. A notice was left on the owners door that the dog was picked up and they had 72 hours to go and get it back. Only when they went to get the dog after work the dog had already been killed.Apparently it … [Read more...]

Dear Flea and Tick Companies HELP

I literally cannot deal with this any longer.The dogs have had fleas for almost a year now. Ok before anyone starts thinking I have tortured my dogs and not tried to do anything about it no they have not been covered in fleas for the past 12 months. Yes I have been doing everything possible to treat … [Read more...]

Pet Bloggers Blog Hop 2/26 Picture Time

We have gotten a number of requests for pictures. We get accused of not posting enough. Here are a few we know you have never seen before. Hope you enjoy.I see a lizard!Why can't we climb on the screen?Is it ok if we just watch them go by?Now we can really hunt lizards!We decided we were going to be … [Read more...]

Book Review: The Ralph Steadman Book of Dogs

The Ralph Steadman Book of Dogs, by Ralph SteadmanThis is a wonderful collection of 90 cartoon depictions of dogs and their antics and foibles, 45 in color and 45 in black & white. Steadman clearly loves dogs, and shows them to us through the lens of his quirky and sometimes slightly twisted … [Read more...]

Service Dog: Mouse Detector

A very happy Archie and his handlerĀ  Archie, a three-year-old springer spaniel is Britain's first mouse detection dog a job description usually reserved for our feline friends.He is not just trained to find the mice but figure out how they are getting into that location. Louise Wilson, head of … [Read more...]

Facebook Stole Your Friends

Along with the changes to our fan pages there were also a few changes that took place on our own profile pages that annoy me. I had been noticing lately that I was seeing status updates from the same group of people each and every time I logged into my personal account. I thought it was odd but … [Read more...]

Happy Aloha Friday

The way it works is you post a short question on your blog and link up each week at An Island Life the hostess of this event so others can come and visit your blog and answer your question. Everyone can post their own question just make sure to keep … [Read more...]

Facebook Fan Pages No Longer Show in Chronological Order

Yep! You now have to go searching to find a post someone left on your fanpage and because they will always be less popular then a post that you put up yourself since it will get more views it puts comments from your valued fans way down the page where people will never be looking. Lets say someone … [Read more...]

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