Nose Offense Review and Giveaway (US ONLY)

I am so excited to be able to share this giveaway with all of you. Not only because the product really works for us but because I actually got to meet the Father Daughter duo behind the product! There I was sitting in a session at BarkWorld and a man was introducing himself to someone else and I happened to hear the name of his product. Well just days earlier I had been contacted to by the same company to do a review and giveaway for them. I was really excited to introduce myself to him and he told me to go over and introduce myself to his daughter who I had been communicating with. They were both such nice people and really put in the work and effort to make this product great not only for consumers but for themselves as well in fact they wanted to create this product to help in their own households in getting rid of pet odors. Meaning it had to work for them before they would consider marketing it.

Why It Works:

NOSE Offense…for Pets is not a masking agent, it does not cover up your pet’s odors with a fragrance. Our spray works on the scientific principle of odor conjugation; immediately combining with all pet odors to form a mild pleasant neutral aroma that rapidly dissipates to an odor free condition. The most effective way to confirm how well it’s working is to spray a room, walk out for a moment and return. Odor gone!
Protect Your Pet:

Ever walk into a house and immediately know who or what lives there, or what they had for dinner the night before? Well if you can sniff it out, guess what? So can your pet.
Pets have incredible olfactory abilities. A dog’s capacity to smell is about 100 thousand times more sensitive than a humans, and a cat’s about 14 times greater.
Therefore, when you think you might be smelling something, your pet has already confirmed it.
When you spray an odor elimination product in the air that is masking the smell instead of neutralizing it, your pet also knows that. Most often a group of harmful chemicals known as phthalates are used to produce those ‘fresh’ smells that the fresheners leave behind. Phthalates are a ‘no-no’, big time!

Not Just for Dogs!:
Watch this video about how Nose Offense can be used around your cat to help minimize odors.

Our Review:
For those of you don’t know Indiana will once in a while wake up in the middle of the night and pee on the floor. There is no reason why she couldn’t wake me to tell me she has to go out (she will wake me if she has an upset tummy)or that she drank more water that day then another. Though I do know that if she goes potty on the floor to add a bit of lemon or other citrus to her water and she is fine by the next night. Unfortunately the carpet in my bedroom is anything but fine because of her occasional potty issue. I knew I had the perfect way to Review this product. When I got home from BarkWorld the package was waiting for me which was great because after having the air turned all the way uo while I was gone my bedroom did not smell good at all.

When I sprayed it in the room both in the air and on the carpet it smelled a bit like the dentist office for a little while. When I went back into the room there was no smell at all. Just a few sprays and the smell was gone. The smell stays away as long as they don’t go in the room wet and Indiana doesn’t have another accident which is so much better then other products which have to be constantly reapplied.

Then disaster struck. You know how you always find out about toilet issues AFTER you go to the bathroom and find out you can’t flush. Well that is exactly what happened to me. Well if it had happened in any other bathroom I could have lifted the lid off the tank to figure out the problem. But of course it had to happen after I used the old fashioned toilet which has the tank way up high and I am too short to see inside. Thank goodness my dad was coming down in a few days so I closed the door and left it alone. But not before I sprayed the room with Nose Offense. As long as I sprayed the room once a day with Nose Offense there was no offensive odor coming from the bathroom and I could wait to let my dad look at it and not pay someone else to come in and figure it out. In the end the floating ball had just gotten stuck somehow and the toilet is now back in working condition.

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The offending toilet.

Purchase it:
You can visit Nose Offense to make a purchase

Win It:
One lucky winner will receive a 32 oz bottle of Nose Offense ($15 value)

How will you use this product in your home?

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In order to write this review we received a bottle of Nose Offense to try around our house. No other form of compensation was given for this post and our opinion was not swayed in any way. This giveaway will be open until October 6th, 2010 at which time a winner will chosen via

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  1. sharon utych says

    gosh this sounds great. i wonder if it works. our eldest son's room (he graduated college and moved out)STILL smells like dead socks. i think it is in the walls from him living “in the cave” for so long. I wonder if this will work?

  2. We'd use this product to keep the scent-o-dogs down a little bit.

  3. Elyse and Riley says

    My parents' dog, Chloe, that lives with us pees on the floor all the time. She used to do it because she used to get bladder stones, but now that she's been stone free for years, she just does it out of habit. I would love to spray down the house to get rid of the lingering urine odor!!

    Elyse and Riley

  4. I have 7 cats. I need something that will take the odor away without just covering it.

  5. wow… sounds great! Budd is pretty good about not having accidents… but there are several areas in my house that I just can't seem to kill the odor no matter what I try… and it would probably work when he gets sick, I clean it up, but it becomes a favored lick spot for days…

  6. Tawnda M. fb shared

  7. ShellieAndBrutus says

    My little Emiline pees on the carpet sometimes so I'd use this on the that. I also have 9 cats, so using it in the litter area would be great too.
    fatmeatloaf1 at gmail dot com

  8. ShellieAndBrutus says
  9. for the animals

  10. I have a dog but it's the two year old toddler twins who have had an accident or two that we need this for.
    ortizvelasquez at yahoo dot com

  11. My lab, Asia, occasionally pees on the bathroom floor and try as we might there's still a hint of urine smell in there. I would use it in there. kekagel(at)

  12. I have 2 senior dogs and a cat. One of my doggies when she pees on the carpet I can never get the smell out no matter how hard I scrub and sanitize. This product would be for her accidents.
    Love & Hugs,

  13. wow ad me infor this as to how this would work in my home well abt 2 years ago we movied in to where i do live now and well befor i lived here there was a lady whohad a lot of cats and well now and then that cat order of the catsdose come up and well it driveme cazy so well it would realy help out alot with that.

  14. Cybernetic.Ranger says

    We moved from a four bedroom house to a 1.5 bedroom trailer. Don't recall the litter box or my hamper ever being so gosh dern stinky before we moved. Love my cat, Dusty, but he sure is getting to be a lazy cat – not covering up his leaving in the litter box. If that's not bad enough, don't matter what kind of cat litter I use, whether for one cat or a hundred, his urine pollutes the house shortly after he uses it.
    Found this bottle of peach body spray, it barely lasts 20 minutes. Juts enough time to grab a rag and cover my dace with it just to clean the litter box.
    Need the Nose Offense crew over at my house. Am skeptical about whether it works, and asked once for a small sample to try out and post the results on my blog. Either Nose Offense is scared my cat will put the product to shame, or they don't like my blog. If I win, will give it the ultimate test and post bona fide results.

    The other test would be my laundry hamper, and my socks. Trust me, my socks are about as bad as the cat's litter box. So bad have to put the used ones in a double plastic bag.

    So, if I win, Nose Offense will have its work cut out for it. If I don't will keep trying. Since the move our funds have been liquidated, so even a $20 purchase means having to go without food or gas till the next month – up until work picks up here. Not a sob story, just the way things turned out. And trailer life is a task in itself.

  15. Cybernetic.Ranger says

    PS: Added Nose Offense to my FB page again. Twitter, can't figure it out, so much spam from companies it's about as bad as email spam anymore.


    [email protected]

    I currently have a kitten that sniffs EVERYTHING out and then gets in trouble. Also due to that this place can get stinky. I'd love to try this!

  17. I would use this to get rid of cooking odors. I have no fans in my house and in the winter it's too cold to open windows.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  18. I will use this to cover up the cat urine smell. Sounds great.

    [email protected]

  19. I have two dogs & a hubby that smokes, take your pick

  20. iplaytrack1224 says

    Awesome blog and thanks for the giveaway!
    Would love, love, LOVE to win this!

  21. Oh! I simply must be the winner!
    We have three itty bitty doggies in our family and one of them has epilepsy.
    Before, during and for hours after a seizure,he leaks. I know it sounds yucky but when you LOVE<< someone you just learn to live around things. We had to replace our carpet(whole house) with laminate flooring and our couch is a fake leather,easy to clean model. However, there is a smell to our home that I HATE.
    We have a wood stove so there are windows open all year long. And there is a certain odor eater product that helps a lot, but after reading about your bathroom issue I am very anxious to see if this would help us!!
    tattgiff at centurytel dot net

  22. This would be great to cover up litter box odors!

  23. Would help a lot with new kitty and senior dog with IBD.

  24. purehrt555 says

    We need this at work, we have (the boss has) a new puppy and the training isn't going as well as it should.


  25. The Ward Tribe (Versace, Francesca & Dolce)….well that says it all! We're a 3 doggie family and of course they are all well groomed and cared for, but keeping everything smelling fresh is a challenge, especially in the winter when you can't open the windows for fresh air due to the cold weather. We would love to use it not only on any carpet but on the fabric furniture and in the wash, when I wash their bedding! Would LOVE to try the product and know The Ward Tribe would appreciate the opportunity!

    Many hugs from all the paws,
    The Ward Tribe (and Mommy)
    Atlanta, GA

  26. katklaw777 says

    I would use it so my 3 kitties adopted Daddy will quit bugging me, their adopted Mommy. We only have an odor problem once in awhile, but it would be helpful for those times, thanks.

  27. tinkerbell5676 says

    I am trying to potty train puppies boy could I ever use this.

  28. I would use to keep dog smells down

  29. Hound Girl says

    I would use it around the kitty litter box and for smelly shoes!

  30. Pets and their people says

    With 4 large dogs, 8 parrots and 7 rats I would use this product to make sure people don't walk in and say “ewww, pets live in this house” My house is clean, but there are always those damp days when that animal smell is there a little no matter what i do.

  31. Pets and their people says
  32. Two dogs. One has bladder issues. Anything to help with pee smells is alright by me!

  33. i would use this in the room with my cats litter box 🙂

  34. ShellieAndBrutus says

    I have 9 cats and so I'd use this in the cat room.
    fatmeatloaf1 at gmail dot com

  35. ShellieAndBrutus says
  36. Angel Jacklyn says


  37. Angel Jacklyn says

    SHARED GIVEAWAY ON FACEBOOK VIA ANGEL JACKLYN ->!/kytah00?v=wall&story_fbid=152701281435744

    [email protected]

  38. i'd use this at my boyfriends house. he has a cat, and that litter box can really smell sometimes!
    xbeautifulcoma at yahoo dot com

  39. tweet
    xbeautifulcoma at yahoo dot com

  40. To get rid of those lingering odors that stay no matter how much I clean.

  41. I would use it to get rid of occasional dog odors.
    [email protected]


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