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We are PR friendly Dog Blog that was started in February 2010.

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Give us your best pitch us and let us know how we can help you get the word out to our readers about your Product or Company. Remember we are a PR friendly Dog Blog and stick with products, companies, and brands that are somehow pet related. We will occasionally work with Cat Brands and Products. As a PR Friendly Dog Blog we work exclusively with products that pet owners would appreciate knowing about. We are based in the US but love working with companies from all over the world including the UK, Germany, Hong Kong and Australia. We look at every pitch on an individual basis to determine if it is a good fit for our blog at that time.


Premium Side Bar Ads

Ads are placed in a premium spot either on the bottom of our blog or on the sidebar of all inside pages. Size of ad is 125 x 125 you will be asked to provide the graphic and the url you would like it to link to.


Sponsored Post / Press Release

This can take on one of two looks. The first one is a sponsored post in which you provide the content, pictures, and links.  The second look is where we create a sponsored post being as authentic as possible to your brand or product and our readers. Lets say you ask us to discuss your special dog crate the post will talk about a car trip or pet safety in vehicles. We will include our own pictures of dogs in cars unless you provide a picture of a pet using your special crate or product. We will include links that you provide. It will say sponsored post at the top of the article and at the bottom of the article.


Contest or Sale

Share your sale or contest with our readers! Includes a short post with all the necessary details and links to your site or contest information. Remember we are a PR Friendly Dog Blog.


Book Reviews

We will gladly accept book reviews however please understand that it may take some time for us to post our thoughts about your book. If you are under a deadline and would like to see information about your book appear on our blog consider an author Interview.


Movie Reviews

We will accept movie reviews with interviews from the producer, director, or writer. We will need to see the full version of the movie for a true review. We accept reviews on In theater movies, foreign films (must have English subtitles), made for tv movies, and straight to DVD movies. Please contact us so we can figure out how best to help you.


Online Events Promoting Your Product

Two Little Cavaliers has a network of over 250 Bloggers all interested in Pet Products. We will tailor create an event that fits your company and brand. Just tell us what the product or company is and we will work with you to make sure the maximum number of eyes see what you have to offer.


All of our posts are family friendly while we do sometimes cover heavy topics we know we have readers under the age of 18 therefore we do not accept adult content of any kind. We do accept sponsorship opportunities to attend Blogging or Dog events on your behalf. Please email us to discuss possible sponsorship / partnership opportunities.

All reviews and giveaways will abide by the FTC guidelines and state how we acquired the product. This is not an option we will fully disclose our relationship with you and be as transparent as possible with our readers. To request our Media Kit please email me. My name is Felissa and my emails address is

We accept payment via Paypal and will provide the proper address once we have discussed the package that you are interested in.

Statistics available upon request.


Davinia and Indiana

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