Animals of Alaska

Animals of Alaska

Animals of Alaska There is no shortage of animal sightings in Alaska. The animals of Alaska are found on land and out at sea. Alaska has a large population of Grizzly bears, black bears, moose, caribou, deer, foxes, Dall sheep, Big Horn sheep, and wolves. In the ocean, Alaska is home to the … [Read more...]

Tips For Traveling with Your Dogs This Summer Beware of Jeep Recall

7 Safety Tips for Traveling By Car

Jeep Recall No one wants to get into an accident especially when they have the entire family in the car. When the National Transportation Safety Board announced during peak vacation time that close to 3 million Jeep Vehicles currently on the road today aren't as safe as they should be drivers … [Read more...]

Washington DC Becomes More Dog Friendly in Time for BlogPaws!

Dog Friendly Washington, DC

[Read more...]

Buying A New House 10 Tips to Help Get You Started

Buying a New House Dream Home vs Reality

Buying A New House 10 Tips to Help Get You Started 1. Decide where you want to live. This is a general area be it a town, within a specific school's district, or within X number of minutes or miles from where you work. You might find that you start out with a larger area lets say a county … [Read more...]

Dogs Are Family #SubaruBP

Dogs are Family Subaru Dog Tested Dog Approved

Dogs Are Family Or we can chase that squirrel Dog Tested, Dog Approved Subaru Commercial Check out this happy dog in his commercial debut Subaru Dog Tested: Breeds Davinia and Indiana are two spoiled little dogs. In fact as I am writing this they both happen to be fast asleep on my … [Read more...]

Traveling and Dogs – Hotel Rooms

traveling and dogs tips for staying at a hotel

Traveling and Dogs - Hotel Rooms 10 tips for a stress free hotel stay with your dog Traveling and Dogs can be a great combination if you are prepared ahead of time and have your plan in place before leaving your home. Many people make the common mistake that when they are on the road … [Read more...]

Dog ID Tags for Vacations?

Vacation Dog ID Tag 1

Dog ID Tags for Vacations? We have discussed travel with your dog numerous times on our blog. Whether it is tips to follow before traveling with your dog . Or our post called Does Your Dog Suffer from Car Sickness. Yesterday we wrote about Instructions for your dog sitter but with as much … [Read more...]

Vacation Time – Instructions for Your Dog Sitter

Instructions for your dog sitter

Vacation Time - Instructions for Your Dog Sitter Whenever you have to leave your dogs with anyone that doesn't know them intimately you should always have a set of instructions ready for your dog sitter or kennel manager for that matter. The more information you can provide the more they … [Read more...]

Is Hong Kong Dog Friendly

hong kong kids and dogs

Is Hong Kong Dog Friendly? Hong Kong in general is pretty dog friendly. You just wouldn't really want to have a dog in Central. At least I didn't feel that it was the best place for them to live. The sidewalks are very narrow and there really isn't any grass you can get to there for a … [Read more...]

Hey USA Suitcase Giveaway

Hey USA Suitcase

Hey USA Suitcase Giveaway Have you ever stood watching for your suitcase at the airport luggage carousal and regretted choosing a black one? When searching for new luggage I realized that one brand stood out in every store that carried them. Heys USA make excellent hard shelled … [Read more...]

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