Moisturize for Itch Free Skin and Brilliant Coat #BayerExpertCare

Moisturize for Itch Free Skin and a Brilliant Coat It happens every winter about this time. Davinia and Indiana start to itch more. Their skin gets dry and flake-y it doesn't matter what food or healthy oil I give them it always happens. Their color gets less vibrant and worn out looking. It is a … [Read more...]

Dogs Helped Save Alaskan Town #BetterWithPets

How Dogs Helped Save Alaskan Town I have been saving this story the story of How Dogs Helped Save An Alaskan Town to share for a special day because I think that this story embodies just how important dogs can be and are for life today. That might seem like a stretch but it isn't. By going back … [Read more...]

Our Lives Are Made Better with Pets #BetterWithPets

Our Lives and the Lives of Those in Our Community Are Made Better with Pets At the beginning of November I was invited to NYC for the Better with Pets Summit for the third year in a row. Each year Purina asks how our lives are better with Pets. For me I know that without a doubt I wouldn't be … [Read more...]

Senior Dogs Need Specialized Nutrition #BrightMind

Senior Dogs Need Specialized Nutrition #BrightMind Davinia will cuddle up in the blanket and take a nap. I began to notice a change in Davinia and Indiana as last winter was ending they were becoming Senior Dogs. Their coat looking really dry, sparse and in need of something that daily salmon … [Read more...]

Shopping Spree at #TractorSupply for Shelter Pets

Shopping Spree at #TractorSupply for the Shelter Pets As a huge supporter of Animal Rescues company wide Tractor Supply thought it would be a fun way to spread the love by inviting a few Bloggers to go on a shopping spree for their favorite shelter and rescue in order to share all of the amazing … [Read more...]

Help Raise Money For Dogs On Deployment

Help Raise Money For Dogs On Deployment Meet Dogs on Deployment Dogs on Deployment is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit providing a central network for military members to find volunteers willing to board their pets while they are deployed or have other service commitments, making them unable to … [Read more...]

Avocado and Senior Dogs #AvoDermNatural

Avocado and Senior Dogs Davinia and Indiana were given the opportunity to give AvoDerm® Revolving Menu a food built on a base of Avocado try. It was a toss up between two of their proteins for us either their Duck Recipe or their Trout and Pea. Since the girls had been on a Duck based food … [Read more...]

Manhattan Shelter Unveils Purina Pet Haven Dog Park

Manhattan Shelter Unveils Purina Pet Haven Dog Park On October 13th the Urban Resource Institute (URI) and Nestlé Purina PetCare (Purina) hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate Manhattan’s first-ever dog park in a domestic violence shelter. The new dog park is located at Urban Women’s … [Read more...]

Dog Grooming at Home with #CHIforDogs

Dog Grooming at Home with CHI For Dogs This post should really be called the best dog grooming supplies ever. That isn't a joke or an over exaggeration it is the truth. Where other products are mediocre CHI® for Dogs gets the job done and gets it done well. We have tried a lot of products … [Read more...]

Your House Full Of Dogs Can Be Guest Ready #Petiquette

We have all seen the welcome mats that say wipe your paws and the funny memes that talk about dog hair being a fact of life either love it or don't visit. All joking aside most people with pets want to welcome family and friends to their home at least occasionally and want them to feel like a … [Read more...]

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