Shine Bright Like a Diamond #BayerExpertCare

Shine Bright Like a Diamond #BayerExpertCare Eye Lubricant Helps Keeps Eyes Healthy! Davinia and Indiana are Senior Dogs well into their golden years where they enjoy a nice soft bed to rest in about as much as they like being out in the yard or exploring the world. The one thing they are … [Read more...]

Cavaliers Need Ear Care Inside and Out #BayerExpertCare

Anyone with a floppy eared dog knows that they require regular ear cleaning to ensure their ears stay clean and infection free. Top those floppy ears with long wavy fur and you have a recipe for disaster. That is unless you stay on top of things. For Cavalier owners that means brushing those long … [Read more...]

Keeping Senior Dogs Active Dogs

Active dogs are healthy and happy dogs. Being active keeps your dog's body and mind in shape. It promotes cardiovascular health, proper weight, and mental well-being. However as your dog ages, it can be harder to keep them active. It's still an important part of their health, though, especially for … [Read more...]

Tips for Heart Healthy Cavaliers

Doing everything you can to keep your Cavalier's heart healthy is of the utmost importance. The leading cause of death among Cavaliers is mitral valve disease, so keeping your Cavalier's heart healthy is important to his or her overall health and longevity. Heart Healthy for Longer Life Our … [Read more...]

Healthy Teeth for a Healthy Cavalier

Healthy teeth are essential for your Cavalier's health. Healthy teeth help prevent a variety of other issues down the line from infected gums to heart, liver, and kidney issues. A healthy mouth means a healthier furry friend. Why Healthy Teeth are so Important Healthy teeth are important … [Read more...]

#VetOnDemand Means a Veterinarian When You Need One

 Vet On Demand Means a Veterinarian When You Need One   Wait what?!? A Veterinarian when you need one in the middle of the night or during the weekend or a holiday. Yes you read that right. There is a brand new app in town that is set to shift Veterinary Care forever. All you need … [Read more...]

Class Is In Session #RoyalCanin Health Nutrition

Class Is In Session #RoyalCanin Health Nutrition Several weeks ago PetSmart® reached out to us and asked if we would be interested in sharing our thoughts on their lineup of Royal Canin® Products with all of you. Truth be told we didn't have thoughts on the food at all. It is one thing in the … [Read more...]

How to Keep Your Dog from Getting Fleas

How to Keep Your Dog from Getting Fleas When your dog gets fleas, there is usually a mix of emotions associated with it. You want to help your dog get rid of fleas, but you’re also a frustrated that they have fleas again and the cycle is starting over. Long time readers know that this is … [Read more...]

Why Does Your Puppy Need Puppy Socialization Class

Why Does Your Puppy Need Puppy Socialization Class Have you ever wondered why puppies need a socialization class? It’s important to have your puppy go through puppy socialization classes at the right time period in their lives. As you know, socializing a puppy can take some hard work. #1. … [Read more...]

Pet Insurance vs Wellness Plans

Pet Insurance VS Wellness Plans Are you trying to figure out what type of care is better for your pet? Whether you’re considering pet insurance or a wellness care plan, you have to decide which path is best for you. Follow along as I walk you through the differences in both and how each one … [Read more...]

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