Fire fighters Rescue Dogs from Drowning in Freezing Water

Fire fighters Rescue Dogs from Drowning in Freezing Water

Fire fighters Save Dogs from Drowning in Freezing Water

Ohio Fire fighters Rescue Dogs from Drowning in Freezing Water
First there was the 3-year-old German Shepherd/Akita mix named Shrek, saved by Elyria, Ohio firefighters from drowning on New Year’s Eve in the Black River. Shrek, the dog, was heard by a neighbor crying and barking in the river. The neighbor called police and rescue crews responded within five minutes. Shrek was found hanging onto a chunk of ice for dear life. Firefighters said when they rescued him by inflatable boat, he was exhausted and suffering from hypothermia. Shrek was seen by a veterinarian treated and has since been reunited with his owner.

Missouri Fire fighters Rescue Dogs from Drowning in Freezing Water
Then there was A dramatic rescue of a dog from a frozen pond in Missouri was caught on tape. A German Shepherd mix got spooked and ran onto the ice at Fairground Park in St. Louis. The ice broke and he fell through. St. Lois Fire Department number 29 was called out to do the rescue. His fist day on the job Dan Hill with the St. Louis Fire Department was the one sent into the water because he was the tallest and would be able to walk out to get the dog with the help of the Fire Engine ladder. The dog was treated with oxygen and an IV. He was suffering from Hypothermia, but was expected to fully recover.

These are not the first cases of Fire fighters Rescuing Dogs from Drowning in Freezing Water this winter. Please be careful when taking your dogs to any parks with lakes that are frozen or close to freezing and allowing them to run loose. Unless your area has been under a deep freeze for several weeks already the water will not be frozen enough to stand or walk on and your dog could fall through. In areas where the water is not frozen your dog might attempt to try and swim in the water like they would in the spring and summer months only to have the wind knocked out of them by the freezing cold water.

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  1. Don’t really have that problem here in Central Texas, but good advice if I go to other parts of the country.

  2. Good Advice.

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