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Puppy from the side

Have You Seen My Mommy: Puppy Asks For Help Finding Owner

Hello World, I would tell you my name if I knew it but the boys who found me call me Brownie because I am all different shades of brown (I guess they didn’t notice that white star on my chest). I
Freddy Boy

Dog Used as Getaway Driver By Thief

Sometimes thieves aren’t the smartest people in the world like when they choose to hold up a 99 Cent Store thinking they are going to come out with large amounts of money. Couple that with the fact that this particular thief

Dog That Welcomes Home Returning Military Passes Away

Dover the St. Bernard was the mascot for Arroyo Grande-based “Welcome Home Military Heroes,”. Dover the dog, appeared at dozens of events to greet returning military members and attended events in support of the troops and their families. Even after a
Bend Oregon

Bend Oregon Named DogTown USA

Bend Oregon has been named DogTown USA —the nation’s dog-friendliest city for its abundance of canine-friendly recreation opportunities, businesses, restaurants, and off-leash areas. With over 40 restaurants ready to accommodate you and Fido for an alfresco dining date, a plethora of
Adopted Dog

Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter Weekend Rally

This past Saturday there was a Protest / Rally in response to what has been taking place at Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter and the killing of dogs and cats that were supposed to be extra protected because they were a part
Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

Our Adventure in the Mountains with the Mitsubishi Outlander

Our trip to Grandma and Grandpa’s House. This weekend I got to take the Mitsubishi Outlander to the Mountains and really see how it would do on the highway. I think that pick up could be better but for such a
Buster's Boggs Mountain Happy Ending

Buster’s Boggs Mountain Happy Ending / Pet Bloggers Blog Hop

As many of you already know Boggs Mountain Shelter the very same shelter that my parents adopted their dog Whisper from was Shut Down by Georgia Bureau of Investigation due to unscrupulous behavior by the Director of the facility. After the

Purina Dog Chow Flash Giveaway

Woof! Win your best pal some Dog Chow! Best pal doesn’t eat this brand enter anyway and bring the bag over to your local shelter or rescue to help feed the dogs there. They all go through so much food each
water, milk, and fruit cups in the trunk

Mitsubishi Outlander Adventure Day 2

I am so used to driving a small car that the Outlander feels really really wide to me while I am driving it. People around me on the other hand either think I am being overly cautious or a little crazy
Penny's Boggs Mountain Shelter Happy Ending

Penny’s Boggs Mountain Shelter Happy Ending

As many of you already know Boggs Mountain Shelter was Shut Down by Georgia Bureau of Investigation the very same shelter that my parents adopted their dog Whisper from. After the initial shock and hurt the local community felt, and the