Wheaten Terrier Stuck 30 Feet Up a Tree

Wheaten Terrier Stuck in Tree

On June 19 at about 9 p.m., a 40-pound Wheaten Terrier named “Guinness” pursued a raccoon high into the branches of an oak tree. Guinness got stuck, and his owner climbed the tree but couldn’t reach him. When firefighters arrived, the Wheaten Terrier was suspended in branches hanging over a drainage channel.

Firefighters used an improvised rescue harness, a rope system and a 36-foot ladder to reach Guinness, who was frozen in place, nervous and shaking. Firefighter Tony Eggimann climbed the ladder, secured Guinness in his harness and gave him a treat. The dog was safely carried down and reunited with his grateful owners. Guinness’ owners have since put a fence around the tree.

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  1. Nice story; happy ending.

  2. What a wonderful rescue! A dog would have less of a chance of being able to turn around and using his nails to brace and balance himself than a cat. I’m so glad firefighters came to the rescue. I used to live in a town where firefighters or (or any emergency service) refused to help save animals in this way.

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