Wolf Tries To Cross 985 in North Georgia

Stock photo of a wolf

Stock photo of a wolf

Most days I work out of the local office of the organization that I work for. I only go into Atlanta about once a month for team meetings but this morning I had to go to the head office to discuss a possible addition to the program I work for. To say I had to get up early is an understatement and those that know me know that I feel nauseous for the day when I get up this early. It was a welcome surprise that this morning after passing the Flowery Branch location of Wrigley’s Gum that the whole highway smelled like Juicy Fruit gum. Ok fine it smells like Juicy Fruit at that facility most days but not as much and some days the wind is blowing the smell into the woods instead of towards the highway. Anyway for some reason this morning as soon as I started to smell the Juicy Fruit I felt less nauseous which made me happy and the smell stuck around for a while.

So here I am driving along at over 70 miles an hour smelling the Juicy Fruit listening to the radio when I look to my right and there is a WOLF checking out the traffic on the highway. I am not sure if it was trying to figure out if it would be safe to cross the road (I can assure you it was not). It was just standing there its body still its head looking right and left. There was nothing that I felt I could do for it other then call 911. People on 985 go 80 miles an hour and stopping to trying to get the traffic to slow down might have scared the WOLF into the middle of the road.

I called 911 and they said they would send someone to check it out. After all it was an emergency for both the wolf and the drivers in case the wolf decided to cross into the street. I say wolf but I am only 90% sure it wasn’t just a really tall skinny Husky mix though the way it was checking out the situation were not behaviors of a dog. Like I said it was just standing there really calm. Surveying the situation looking like it was waiting for a break in traffic to cross the street. It was various shades of grey pretty much all over its body at least the parts that I could see. Since I didn’t stop I couldn’t get a picture of it. Honestly the reason why I didn’t stop was because the cars just go way too fast and I thought that I would scare the animal into doing something it was not thinking about doing. Plus I was pretty sure it wasn’t a dog even a stray dog so it being a wolf meaning a wild animal I didn’t feel that even on a dirt road with no traffic that it would be safe for me to get anywhere near it. So I called 911 and kept driving hoping that it would not attempt to cross the street before trained help could get there.



  1. I think you did exactly the RIGHT THING! Too dangerous for both you and the wolf to have tried to stop traffic & get out of your vehicle.

    I’m sure that 99.9% of all drivers would have just driven on without giving a thought to the wolf’s safety. You are a good person…



  2. Stacey says:

    Cool story.

  3. I agree with your decision- thanks for telling us this story! I have never seen a wolf here!!

  4. Wow. Neat story. I never would have thought to call 911. I guess I just figure it’s to report an accident that has already happened. It’s smart of you to call to help prevent an accident from happening at all! Good for you:)

  5. Crystal says:

    That happened up in the Chicago suburbs when we lived up there – they actually sent animal control out and tranquilized the coyote that had gotten lost in traffic and relocated him back to the woods!

  6. Thats amazing!!

  7. I hope everything turned out well for the wolf. They are beautiful animals.

  8. Jennifer Clay says:

    Calling 911 to help that wolf has got to be one of the nicest and sweetest things I have heard! I hope that the wolf made it across safely!

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