NO New Parvo Strain in Cyprus!



These malicious allegations are totally without foundation,

The Cyprus Kennel Club officially announces that the malicious allegations about a new strain of parvovirus from dogs from Cyprus has affected dogs after the show, are totally without foundation, After an investigation conducted by the Veterinary Association of Cyprus and the Veterinary Services of Cyprus the result is : there has been No death of a dog from parvovirus that has done all of the recommended vaccines. Then, on the subject of the death of a dog, breed: Jack Russell terrier 2 years old, that there was a misinformation that the dog died of parvovirus, we have asked and we have repeatedly requested the findings of blood examinations or biopsy or necropsy but we had no respond. Probable cause of death , after photos circulated on the Internet whether the dog was playing among other dogs, puppies included in the yard and fields during day time possibly during high temperatures and was swimming in a swimming pool that may contain high amounts of chlorine for dogs, rises many question marks . Approximately 300 dogs were presented daily in the show and after conducting a comparative investigation, none has reported any unusual outbreak of diarrhea or any other signs of illness .

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