Bad Dog to Get New Life As Prison Guard

Chief the wold hybrid

Judge James Best signed an order releasing custody of Chief who was set to be killed for not staying in his yard and “terrorizing” the neighborhood though never hurting anyone or biting anyone. His new home is to be the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections at the request of prison officials who want to use the wolf hybrid as a guard dog at Angola Maximum Security Prison.

Judge Best said shortly after his ruling that he was contacted by Angola Warden Burl Cain, who wanted to take Chief into custody for guard dog service at the state‚Äôs 18,000-acre maximum security prison. Angola has created a program using Wolf Hybrid’s to help guard the prison at night since budget cuts have reduced the number of guards they can employ. As part of the decision to allow Chief to become a member of the Prison Guard Patrol Angola must properly feed and house him and he must be seen by a veterinarian regularly. Chief will be working with a handler to train him for his new life.

  1. Stacey

    Instead of the death penalty his sentence was commuted to life in prison.

  2. Joke Puppy

    So happy that Chief is getting a reprieve and another chance. I’d be willing to bet that Chief is not a “bad” dog,,,,he just didn’t get the proper care and attention that all dogs deserve.

  3. Elaine B

    You hear about dogs being therapudic for nursing homes. I’ll bet prisoners would be a big help in training dogs for service dogs too.

  4. Rebecca Mulvany

    What a beautiful dog. It’s such a shame that he was going to be put to death for simply visiting around the neighborhood- something many other dogs do every day and don’t get in trouble for. While I do think his owners should have kept him properly controlled on their own property, things do happen and I’m so glad he wasn’t euthanized and was given a new task in life. I’m sure he’ll be a great help as a guard dog and hope he is treated well in his new home.

  5. Karen Foster

    awhh ~ great that this dog can be used for something he can be useful at ;.) Great dog story.

  6. Jenna Wood

    I think it’s awful that dogs can be put down simply because their owners do not provide them a stable and safe environment to recreate in! So glad this pooch will have a new life and career!

  7. I think these Wolf mixture’s are scary though.

    • admin

      There is no doubt that this hybrid should never have been treated as an ordinary dog. In many states they have to be kept in kennel’s of specific height length and width. The fact that it got loose numerous times to me means the owner was not properly caring for it and it should have been removed from the home. Its not the same as if a Golden Retriever digs under the fence or the mutt from down the block who routinely jumps the fence. This dog was much more wild and needed to be restrained much more carefully.

  8. Create With Joy

    What a beautiful dog! I’m happy to hear that he has been given a reprieve and a new life!

  9. kathy Smith

    What a beautiful story! A second chance for an amazing wolf bread!

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