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Dog With a Blog – Disney Channel’s Latest Show in the Making

Following the success of Good Luck Charlie, Disney Channel executives have been looking to develop more shows about families, and Dog With A Blog is a result of those efforts, SVP original series Adam Bonnett said. Written and executive produced by

Chosen by a Horse: How a Broken Horse Fixed a Broken Heart

Chosen by a Horse: How a Broken Horse Fixed a Broken Heart By Susan Richards Blackstone Audio, Inc., December 2007 Susan Richards has survived an abusive childhood and a bad marriage, and now, in her forties, is living on a small

Dog Adoptions Opened After Distemper Scare

For 2 days dog adoptions at the Wisconsin Humane Society’s Milwaukee and Ozaukee campuses were stopped due to a puppy testing positive for distemper. Canine distemper is an often fatal viral illness that affects dogs of any age, however unvaccinated puppies
Peanut Butter Smart Bones

SmartBones Giveaway Ends 9/30

    Have you entered to win our SmartBones Giveaway yet?   Two Winners 4 bones each!   Please post all entry comments on the following post Good Luck! I know Davinia and Indiana wish they were getting more in

Animal Welfare League Staff Spending the Night in Kennels

Eight staff members from the Animal Welfare League’s Coombabah shelter in Queensland will be sleeping in the kennels where the dogs are held until adoption in order to better understand what the waiting dogs go through. They want to experience kennel
Spooky Buddies1

Disney’s Spooky Buddies Giveaway Ends 9/29

    Disney’s irresistible talking dogs the Buddies are back in an all-new movie that takes them for a spooky new adventure. With the help of some unexpected new friends — Pip, Zelda, Rodney, and Skip, the buddies must stop Warwick
Bali Red Collar Dog

Collars Not Cruelty in The Fight Against Rabies #RedCollar

Sri Lanka, Bali, and Thailand have successfully brought down the number of rabies-related human deaths through mass dog vaccination campaigns, improved accessibility to human rabies vaccine and serum and an effective vaccine delivery system. On the Island of Bali they have

Dog Killed in Fire After Saving Owner

One dog died and another had to be given oxygen after being waking their owners during a house fire in West Des Moines Tuesday morning. The homeowner survived uninjured. One dog, Oden, got out and received oxygen from medics, but firefighters

Rescue Dog Saves Elderly Woman’s Life

Thor is a dog who was recently rescued by his family saved the life of an elderly neighbor. When one of his neighbors fell Thor knew something was wrong and went to investigate leading his owners a block away to where