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Workout with Your Dog

Are you and your dog couch potatoes? Do you think you need more exercise? Why not get it together! Let your dog encourage you to get out and play more. Go for a run on the beach, jump hurdles together, or

Dog Tucks Himself Into Bed

Since today is Cute Animal Video day on our blog I really can’t resist posting this video. The dog pulls his cover from the top of his crate brings it in the crate and covers himself up perfectly. Too cute. You

Spooky Buddies Are Coming to BlogPaws! How Cute Are They?

Spooky Buddies world premier on the Big Screen at BlogPaws! When I first heard about this Friday night activity it was so hard to bite my tongue and not tell everyone. The wait is over and I can spill the big

Man with Alzheimer’s Home Safe Thanks to Dogs Microchips

We all know that microchips can help get dogs and cats who go missing home safe. But what about a man who goes missing? A man who suffers from Alzheimer’s managed to walk out of his sister’s house with her two

Shark Week is Almost Here / Pet Bloggers Blog Hop

Since Shark week begins on Sunday July 31st I thought it would be fun to dedicate this weeks post to sharks. What I found were some pretty scary videos of sharks attacking or being baited to attack but that wasn’t what

Drunk Woman Broke Into Dog Boarding Facility

  Happy, a 3-year-old black-and-white Havanese, was one of nine dogs set loose by Pamela Dowd. Police said Dowd broke a combination lock on the play yard at Stoughton Groomers and Boarding Facility in Massachusetts on Wednesday night and took one

Dozer the Half Marathon Dog Gets Featured on World News with Dianne Sawyer

Photo from Dozers Facebook Wall. Several months ago we brought you the story of Dozer the Dog who had gotten out of his yard and gone for a run with the crowd of people passing his house during a half marathon

25 Dogs are Dead Due To Owner Neglect

Twenty five  families in Grand Prairie, Texas  have lost their dogs because of heat-related deaths, one a day for 25 days, according to the Prairie Paws Animal Shelter. How people do not realize it is too hot for their dogs outside

Couple Rescues Dehydrated Puppy

A little puppy was left in a bucket in a hot parking lot was found by a couple who brought it to The Forsyth Humane Society. The couple arrived with the puppy who was skin and bones and very dehydrated. The

Dog Dies of Internal Bleeding and Burns from Cage Dryer

Llasa Apso Sadie went to the groomer for her monthly spa day. Instead of a happy clean little girl Sadie’s owners were called and told she got sick while in the drying kennel. When owners arrived and rushed Sadie to a