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Do You Know Where Your Veterinarian Went to School?

US News and World Report just released the list of Top Veterinary Schools in the country. Have you ever considered where in the rankings the school your veterinarian went to falls? With so few Veterinary schools in the country to start

Husky to Receive New Wrist and Prosthetic Paw

Meet Zeus the Husky who lost his wrist and paw as a young puppy. Zues who can get around on his three legs seems to tire very easily and injures his leg regularly by scrapping it or bumping it into things.

What in the World? Dog News

A disabled woman from Madison, Wisconsin was cited Monday for using her car to help her take her dog for a walk. While the dog takes itself for a walk the disabled woman follows behind with her car and this isn’t

Lets Brainstorm Together

I am sure you all experience this at least once in a while while others of you get bombarded with it on a hourly basis. You get tagged in pictures of animals on death row to try and draw more eyes

Baby Kangaroos Go For A Swim Kangaroo swimming at the Beach brought to you by Funny Tube Saw this video and had to share. Its not everyday that you go for a run and have baby Kangaroos following you.  At least we have never been followed

Fudge the Puppy Who Was Never Given a Chance

From Jules in the UK Fudge was my mum’s 4 month old Staffordshire puppy On Tuesday last week at 10pm 5 police officers knocked at her door, mum lives alone with Fudge. She didn’t open door and when they knocked on

Couple Refuses to Be Seperated from their Pet and Family

Make shift Kennel made from chairs and possessions Martin Dean and his wife Akiko have turned down offers to be evacuated to the UK with their three-month daughter Juno. He won’t leave pet poodle Chibi behind – and Japanese Akiko, refuses

Animal Life in Fukushima Exclusion Zone

Dog rescued yesterday by JEARS New pictures have emerged from inside the 20km exclusion zone around Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant. Tens of thousands of people have already been evacuated from the area, and the only people allowed in are workers

Google Friend Connect Email and Other Features

Many of you probably don’t realize that you can do much more with Google Friend Connect then just know when people are following your blog. You can use Google Friend Connect to email new followers and thank them for following you